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7'' coming this year...hopefully


released January 12, 2015


all rights reserved



KNIFE TRADE Giessen, Germany

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Track Name: Respite
I dragged myself away
from the thing i cherished most
from the path I thought it would have a purpose

it´s so hard
to find the right words and write them down
line after line showing my guts to everyone

respite from love that feels like war
I never felt truly alive until we showed us our scars
and so it seems that a full recovery
is nearly impossible for a person like me

I made a call
there was a choice between two paths
one growing narrow and one fully uncertain

you were left
with all the pain and desperation
that’s something I can never make amends

laugh and the world laughs with you
cry and you cry alone
but the two of us, we cried together
shared our silence on the phone
Track Name: Wasting Days
I´ve been wasting days dwelling in my fears
I´ve been wasting days drinking too much
I´ve been losing days cause I had too much sleep
In the daytime I´m dead but at night I live

I´m just waiting all this time for something to happen
like a waiting room where it will never be your turn
I´ll follow this road with no end – I don´t see any options
Trapped in a paradigm, a cage I built myself

I´ve been wasting days fearing the next decease
I´ve been wasting thoughts waiting for your honesty
I´ve been losing faith in everything I see
or is it me that I just can´t believe in

I´ve been wasting days where the blues got me
but no one wants to see so I just pretend
to have a goal, to just feel real, to be alive and well
to be concerned about it all and not just myself
Track Name: Last Glance
Is this the feeling
that I´ve been missing ever since
plunged and purged
trying to give it some meaning

I´ve avoided the game
that I´ve been playing ever since
I´ve pulled out the plug
and let my whole existence shrink

we entwine in the heat of the night
only to be apart in the morning´s first light
everyone who´s on their own
knows the search for a better home
and this beautiful and most bitter fruit

It seems I only feel alive
when I´m all about intestine strife
seems I´m willing to risk it all
for one glimpse of what it could be like to fall

Is this my everlasting dream that´s about to come true
or is this just the end of all dreams
accepting the truth that we´re all nobody
waiting for this last second of relief
waiting for this last glance in my eyes
Track Name: Grow Strong
how could i ever repay this debt
for all these obstacles you´ve transcended
in a world that showed you so much dark
it´s hard to cope with the bitterness of heart

I admire you
and your will to come through
all the struggle and the pain
life had laid out for you

if only I could be that strong
you said that many decisions you made were wrong
but we all make missteps
so if you look at the outcome
you say you´re proud of us ,the way that we´ve become
what we´ve inherited
And every time I´m drowning
in my fears of death
I can be sure I´m not alone with that
After so much violence in our life
tell me, honestly, who would expect us
to just sleep safe and sound at night

I look up to you
and your faith that guides you
trough backstabs and regrets
that you had to go through

And I feel sorry for all of my distrust
I could not withstand it I know it wasn’t just
I feared our weakness back in these darkened days
Now I know it strengthened our hearts to grow up this way

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